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The purpose of this article is to unfold the mystery of the Fengshui which have been practiced for more than thousands years in China, and probably in many ancient civilization but called it in different way.

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The core of Fengshui is in fact science, it is a study of how to live in harmony with our environment (universe).

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Quantum mechanics prove that at sub atomic level of particle, the property of particle such as electron or photon can be both wave and particle at the same time. We could say that universe is a big orchestra wave, and we are part of it.

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In Taoism, Buddhism and many religions talk about god or mother nature, they all have the similarity about trying to communicate, synchronize, or become one with the almighty we believe.

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Yin Ying represent the balance of energy in the universe.
for example, There is light in dark, and dark in light.

From my experience by practicing meditation, taoism (in-yan), Fengshui and studied about many religions around the world, theory of ancient astronaut, combining with science methodology and theory such as quantum mechanic, I found the relation and connection of everything and believe that if we can synchronize with universe, or so called god, we can become one with it and will find the true happiness, in Buddhism we called nirvana, the state of ego-less, we break the chains of attachment which are the cause of suffering and become one with universe.

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In order to do that we need to reach the purest state of mind which could be explained in easier way as the universe wave or god wave frequency.

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The demonstration of human brain wave in different activities.

If everything is wave, what kind of wave do you think has the most power? Universe, Sun, planet, nature on earth, living things on earth, house, or ourselves?

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Universe should likely be the closest answer since it contains everything we know, therefore if we could synchronize our wave frequency to become close to the universe, we could somehow utilize the power of universe in some portion which our body and mind could handle.

The Quantum fengshui (Q-Fengshui)is the name that I will use to differentiate the concept of scientific based fengshui from the superstition based fengshui that have been mixed between the truth and believes such as gods and ceremony. but most of the times just about superstition. After this I will called this scientific based fengshui as”Q-Fengshui” .

Fengshui explain that the destiny or future are influenced by 3 factors,

Human, Sky(Heaven) and Earth

Human means the thought and action of us, human

Sky(Heaven) means Kamma(the result of our thought or action in Buddhism), or nature of universe such as the time it takes the earth to travel around the sun, the seasons, weather, or nature mechanics that it are very difficult or nearly impossible to be altered.

Earth means our environment such as house, apartment or workplace that we are living with, also people around us.

If Heaven (Sky) is good, it means that the road for us in the future will be smooth.

If Human is good, it means that we have a good body, mind or potential to be smart or even genius

If Earth is good, it means that our environment support us or influence us in beneficial ways

The weight of all three are likely to be equal. If 2/3 is good our future will more likely to be good, if 1/3 is good, may be it is gonna be rough for the future, and of course if 3/3 is good our future will very likely to be good and 0/3 is good will be opposite.

However we can only control 2/3 of the factors which are Human and Earth, the Sky(heaven) is almost impossible or very hard to change. For example, the possibility of us to alter the orbit of the sun would be in almost impossible.

Therefore we could only alter Earth and Human. In the period of time where Sky and Earth is bad, even we tried our best, we still faced obstacle and find difficulty in life. That is the reason why Q-Fengshui is important. When combine the Ba-zi (8 pillars element of nature) Technic, we could forecast the future and prepare ourselves to face it with the suitable condition. Just like we watching weather forecast and know that tomorrow will likely to be rained, therefore we prepare to bring an umbrella when we go outside.

Life is also the same, if we learn that tomorrow the energy will likely to harm our mind and body, we could prepare to avoid involving in risk or use an environment that could reduce those bad energy, sometime we could even learn how to benefit from the bad energy.

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To elaborate more about bad energy, you could imagine it as some kind of dis-ordinary storm or disaster that we could not feel by our normal sense such as by seeing or hearing.

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When it hit us, bad things such as sickness, bad decision, quarrel, or even accident could happen immediately or take time up to many years depend on the characteristic, the power degree of energy and how your body and mind conditions are at that time.

In ancient time when this events happen most of people did not understand and assumed that it was some kind of superstition such as spirits demon ghost gods or whatever and did some kind of ceremony or sacrifice which sometimes could relief and sometimes not.

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When disaster or calamity reliefs, people thought spirit or god please them, when nothing change, they thought spirit or god still angry, however the truth was the ceremony contain some kind of activities which alter the Earth (environment) and relief the bad energy, but the different of time and type of bad energy need different kind of Q-fengshui organizing that was why some time the ceremony works and sometimes don’t .

Nowadays, there are many ways to improve the Energy of Human for example, meditation, praying, NLP, positive thinking, etc. I will share how to do a right meditation in detail later but in this article, let’s focus on Q-fenghsui.

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Thai Buddhism meditation style
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7 Chakras demonstration in our body
We are connected to everything. We are all one.
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Praying is also one of the way to do a meditation

Since Fengshui has been founded and been practicing for more than thousand of years, there are many different teaching and foundation. The foundation of Fengshui which I have been practicing are from the master who have been studied from more than 20s of master around the world (mainly in China). The different about him and most of the master around the world are that he tried to look at Fengshui in a scientific perspective. After many years he found the core of it and developed into a new style.

We can use the technology to help measuring the direction of energy more precisely by using satellite map and computer application to be able to do a fengshui design remotely from far away, which save time and cost for a general case of house or office plan.

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Q-Fengshui is not about religion, even though it needs some believe in order to practice it. However the result is very effective and measurable, we might not know how the energy really work but we do know the how to manipulate and get the result in the way we want which is enough for daily life use. We are also studying more and more about the mechanic of Q-fengshui in order to develop and understand it more. We view Q-fengshui as a tool for living not some kind of cult or religions therefore, we accept the diversify and criticize, if you want to share your thoughts feel free to communicate with us.

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